Two Workouts

Hello! Since I will be busy tomorrow evening (and I am not a morning person and cannot get up early before work to workout) I am planning on doing two workouts today. My questions is, how does everyone structure this?

FYI, workout 1 is an upper body workout and workout 2 is lower body.

Two workouts means (usually) the videos have their own warm up and cool down. Do I do them both for each video? So warm up 1, workout 1, cool down 1 then warm up 2, workout 2, cool down 2?

Or totally customize? Select a total body warm up video, skip warm up 1, do workout 1, skip cool down 1, then skip warm up 2, do workout 2, skip cool down 2, and select a total body cool down?

Sorry if this question is confusing but I want to make sure I'm not warming up and cooling down my muscles too much.

Thanks for the advice!