Monday's New Workout! + Workout Video release time?


Your new workout is a great combo of high intensity interval training and core; it has everything you need for a smart workout in one video.

New workout: 30 Minute HIIT and Abs Workout with Warm Up and Cool Down (no equipment).

Question: We've been thinking about providing an early release for each week's new workout video (on our website only), so that it's ready for you on Monday, no matter where you are in the world. Any feedback on this? What works best for you guys? Hope you love the new workout!

Featured Program: 4 Week FB Bodyweight - No Equipment Workouts to Burn Fat and Tone Up - I love this program because it travels with you; it requires no equipment at all and can be done anywhere. It's a fun combo of bodyweight strength building moves and fat burning HIIT. Proof that you can get in a good workout without equipment :)