Daily Check-in: Wednesday, February 12th

Hello, FB Family.

First thing: I know I already replied to each of you who commented yesterday, but I want to sincerely thank you all again for your kind words, digi-hugs, and support. They really mean a lot and I appreciate the time you took to help me feel a bit better. I usually don't want to share the ugly and downside things to life, but with this community, I feel that I can, without judgement, share how I'm feeling regarding the loss of my dear young cat, Cadmium. It's pretty raw right now, but I do feel lighter talking about it, so thank you for letting me vent and get some of this grief out.

But how are you all doing on this half way marker in the week? Are your goals being met and things cruising along? I sure hope so. But if not, some steps back are okay. Stepping back can be a way to see a path forward.

Or maybe you are doing a literal foward hop with two steps back? I did that yesterday during the HIIT portion of my workout. Today for Abs2 will be some core and cardio. I know were not even half way, but Abs2 is really putting the abs in this program. It's been great, and even better with buddies to do it with.

But obviously whatever movement you are doing, I hope it is just what your body ordered.

I've been doing a lot more walking lately. And on the path in some places are fallen yellow flowers that seem to have dropped from the sky. That tells me Yellow Jessamine is in the air, twisting its way around the tops of trees and scenting bits of the air with its sweet almost baby powder like scent. I found some of this woody vine not quite so high up, so you can have a look at its bright yellow. Makes for a nice #WildflowerWednesday I think.

And I hope you guys are eating well and feeling good about that. It can be really difficult to eat real when life is a hectic mess, so make sure you have easy and healthy things on hand. Frozen vegetables have come to the rescue quite a bit. I think I might go for sweet potatoes and pork today. Playing things by ear, so we shall see.

Okay, I've done enough talking, so I'm turning the tables to you guys and look forward to reading about your day. There are so many things we can spend our energy on, so I hope you put that energy into being the best yourself can be for today. Doesn't have to be grand. Just take care of yourselves. And I will try to follow my own advice.