For those wondering if FBPlus is worth the money...

...I wanted to provide my $0.02. I have been a regular at Fitness Blender workouts since 2013. In that time, I've seen the website evolve to become what it is today: an effective planning tool and fitness tracker. I even remember when there was an app that one time (the less said about that the better.) Actually, the app is a good example of a company spending a bunch of money for the right reasons, and not getting what they wanted. Congrats to D&K for making the hard decision to pull the plug on that one.

I purchased one month of FBPlus to make sure the videos would work well with my generation 2 iPad. It was a little finicky in the past with the YouTube app. Let me tell you, the in-browser player works perfectly with the iPad, better than YouTube ever did. I don't have to start and restart sessions now (especially nice when you've been doing crunched for over a minute before you realize the YouTube app has frozen.)

I also was happy to buy the FBPlus membership to ensure that the FB team can continue putting out free content. I still use the free videos all the time, and I've purchased programs even though I can program my own workouts with the excellent website.

In summary: for this guy, the yearly fee is worth it for the excellent content from FitnessBlender and for the seamless, high quality video experience.

Thanks! Here's a photo of my spare room/gym, complete with crappy iPad.