Full body workouts are throwing off my arm-day / leg-day pattern...advice?

I started taking kettlebell classes IRL, with the goal of building strength enough to start muay thai kickboxing at the same gym after 3 or 4 months. It feels great to workout with others and I love the overall vibe of this gym and it's super motivating to have a goal to work towards.

However, now that I'm doing a pretty demanding 1 hour full body kettlebell workout 3 days a week, I'm feeling lost on how to structure the other 4 days here on fitness blender. For years I've been kind of robotic in my arm day / leg day / core day / recovery day structure.

When there's no longer a clear division of focused body parts, how else can I structure my weekly workout schedule?

I would be very grateful for any insight or advice you might have to share. Thanks!