Daily Check-in: Tuesday, February 11th

Hey, everyone. How are you doing today? I hope things are going fine wherever you are.

Honestly, I'm not so great. You could say I've had the worst Monday I've had in a long time, so I apologize in advance for today is going to be one of my bleakest check-ins because my youngest furry trainer kitty (Cadmium) is no longer with us. We looked everywhere for him when he didn't show up like normal to eat dinner. I'm very sad to tell you all that he was found passed away under some old tractor equipment, not injured, nor stuck.

This is so out of the blue and sudden to me. I don't know what happened. It's like he wandered off knowing it was his time. But he wasn't even a year old. I feel like it's my fault that I missed something or should've known something was wrong with him. I don't know. I want to pretend this never happened, but I can't come on here today and act like things are okay. Any cheer I had for you today is zapped. I can't even type this paragraph without tearing up and crying. Our furry trainers our truly part of our family, so this happening really hurts. And to think I was so happy the other day with my new furry trainer puppy and excited to see how everyone was going to get along. Again, I'm really sorry for making this sad announcement, and ruining any good moods, but I couldn't keep this from you guys.

I didn't want to write this, I didn't even want to put a picture up, but I also couldn't hide and let this sadness swallow me up. I'm trying to take comfort in knowing I gave him the best life he could have; so this picture I have for today is fitting, as my youngest kitty loved to hang out in the warm enclosure I have up for the winter. Particularly he liked hanging around in the potted blueberry plants. So today, these blueberry blooms are for my little Cadmium.

I know this is a very depressing and terrible check-in from me today, but I promise I won't go on and on about it. I hope you guys are fairing much better than me today. How are your workouts going? Or the rest, if needed? I'm looking forward to continuing Abs2 with Juliska and Kimberlee, and welcome the distraction and ease of some planned workouts. Yesterday was pretty intense on the core, so Day 9 is a total body strength and HIIT that should do fine for today.

And what are we eating? Keeping it real or having a little treat? Maybe both? Keeping everything in balance is always a good way to go. And even if the balance gets skewed a little bit, the body is forgiving.. I have no clue for dinner. Whatever is easy, quick and nourishing is what I'm going for. And given that could be a lot of things, the possibilities are endless, so tell me what is your endless possibility today.

..Well, I hope this bad news of mine and my outpourings and overshare didn't damper your day. Please still go on and tell me something about your day, the workouts and the food. And try, in your own way, to make it a great Tuesday.