Eye To The Future

About a year ago, I decided it is time for CHANGES. So far, every time I made some New Years Resolutions, I would just give up or simply forget about them. I was thinking of them not so much as decisions, rather more as IDEAS made up along the way with no legal obligation for fulfilling them. πŸ€” Therefore, I would usually just dump them.

Then, a friend of mine gifted me something called β€žpositive notebook/diary/plannerβ€œ as she wanted me to keep her company – she has an identical one. It was silly, but why not? 😏 One of the first things to do was to set up the VISUALIZATION BOARD. Even my husband thought this was silly, but he knows me. And with knowing I'm a visual type of person, he supported me by helping me making my own SILLY board and reserving the focal point in our bedroom for it. πŸ‘ŒπŸ™‚

On the pic, there are 4 examples of how it can look, but it is entirely up to YOU. It is there to help you focus on your goals, desires or as a reminder of accomplishments – your choice only... My friend is a sucker for quotes and rainbow colors, so she bought plenty of colorful post-its and has written quotes for every goal or a reminder. They are all over her place even right now, on the bathroom mirror, on the balcony, in the kitchen cabinets, on the carpet (about squats🀣), on the table lamps, etc...😊

The first one is my own, mostly made from images, and all of the items have a story behind. I will walk you through it briefly, though I could write an essay about each one.πŸ˜…

I've put a RING on it to remind me of the upcoming wedding... There's a boat with health provider on it – me looking for another JOB and next to it – my possible future occupation as a health coach... I have an artist lady, as I wanted to go back to my favorite HOBBY – painting... And we have FB REACH as a symbol of committing to exercise, since I've done that Program most times and there is FB QUOTE to push me through procrastinating times... There are also two pics, one of the condo layout for buying an APARTMENT and one of the balcony – for making my cozy SAFE PLACE in it... There is a beautiful SMILE to make me take care of my teeth more because my diet made my cavity suffer and the HAIR pic for the same reason... Then we have a pic which shows MINIMALISM – I decided to declutter excess stuff and people! πŸ™„ And at the bottom, there's a list to prevent me from buying extra UNNECESSARY stuff again... The PLANTS – I enjoy greenery and flowers, but none ever survived my care, πŸ˜… so taking good care for one was the plan – now I have two of them still living with me... Then we have a piggy bank – to remind me of being more careful with MONEY... ALL of that was ACHIEVED in the past year! πŸ‘Œ 😁

That leaves only two pics – the HORSE RIDING is my biggest desire since childhood, but I postponed it because it is one of the perks coming with the new job... And the last one is the WORLD MAP, saying β€žI want to travel around the worldβ€œ, which is also becoming a reality due to my new job...πŸ™‚ Oh, and you can see there is not one about nutrition! – I stayed true to myself. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜…

You could make it tidier, but as a creative and visual person, I like the BUSY LOOK of mine. πŸ˜‡ I will now make a new one with removing some of the accomplished goals, but FITNESS BLENDER is staying there for good, though Reach will be replaced with Strong and our wedding rings are coming instead of that one...

But how did I make it all become true?πŸ€” Well, after years of procrastinating and making excuses, I started taking ACTIONS! And with this Visualization Board, it was pretty easy for me to remind myself where my focus should be... 😎 You see, progress is a series of small steps. I kept taking these SMALL STEPS every single day. Because had I stopped at any one of those steps, frustrated, annoyed or depressed, I would have missed out on the progress. The one that doesn’t happen overnight, the one that isn’t flashing in colorful neon lights. But rather, the progress that comes with continuing moving forward, even through the failures, to end up further along on the JOURNEY... 😊

Life is a journey. Wellness is a journey. Fitness is a journey. And neither one is a straight linear path. But continuing forward with each little step, you’ll see in hindsight that your progress is far greater than you imagined. 😊 Maybe it won't turn out how you imagined it, but, hey, the ALTERNATIVE doesn't have to be half-bad either. πŸ˜‰

When I was in high school, I remember vividly envisioning my life. And it went almost like it was envisioned – I married my childhood sweetheart, became nurse, got employed in a local hospital. It looked good for some time, but after a while I was LOOKING FOR ME, looking everywhere and yet I was never there. πŸ˜₯ And that made me feel really BAD about myself, I was unhappy... With this Board, I focused on me, on my desires, on my needs. Now I'm finally feeling better about myself, feeling the BEST I’ve felt in years. 😁

And I look forward to living another day, to the best of my ability - where I can be a part of a COMMUNITY of radiant loving kindred souls. 😊 Many of us still don't fully understand how much impact words alone can have. I hope my words can help someone, as yours did to me many times. Thank you for taking me in! πŸ€—πŸ˜˜