Daily Check-in: Monday, February 10th

Good breakfast/lunch/dinner times to you, FB Fam. Doing my best to cover the time zones and think of food at the same time. Because let's face it, when you look at the clock, you're just wondering when it will be socially acceptable to call it early and go for the meal. And if we cant, that's when snacks come in to save our growling tummies. Or maybe that's just me? I'll own it.😂

Maybe you also have a hunger for some kind of a workout today? Is it a #NeverMissAMonday for you? Or on the flip side, some delicious rest? Or maybe you've got one of those boring-ish, but important kinda workouts happening? Ah, or is the new release on the menu? https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/daniel-s-favorite-back-rehab-and-core-conditioning-workout

^Can't wait to try that one, but for today, me and a couple others are going into our second week of Abs2! How is everyone feeling from week one? I've been pleasantly sore and challenged so far and enjoying it! So for today we are starting off the week with a core intensive day. Good luck!

But whatever activity everyone is up to, hopefully it feels good! Or you will feel good when your done. Always remember that accomplished feeling when you finish a workout, and feel awesome that you made time to take care of you!

Now before we can circle back to food, let me address today's pic and how I pretty much have nothing for you regarding fun facts or plant names. I wish I knew what this was. For now all I have is that this lime rock loving clump of grass(?) dyed the tips of its hair orange. So this is pretty much being a defiant punk grass, giving me a "what the heck is this thing" complex. Grass these days. You just never know.

And if you're anything like me, you just never know what is for dinner. What food will you be munching on today? Some times I surprise myself and I'm on top of knowing what I will be eating. Most times it's last minute planning. 🙈 ..I got as far as carrots will be involved, but I need to invite a few more flavors in there to get something better than, "Dinner will be carrots." Said the rabbit mom to her babies.

Sorry, that's not bunny. The mind hops around, just like somewhere in the near end of this check-in seems like a non fluid idea that Lea did a very great job ghosting! ..I hope everyone stays safe from the storms they are possibly facing in your area; literally and figuratively. Because Monday can be a storm of its own. But then again, so can you. And now we've got a fight fire with fire situation going on.

Monday never stood a chance.