Sunday foooooood!

Today was a fun kitchen day! I made some bagels - wheat, wheat with sesame, and some wheat blueberry cinnamon! Turned out great, for anyone interested here's the recipe, though I did add a bit of buckwheat:

And then I made a delicious seafood stir fry! Turned out great :)

I'm still considering making some granola...we'll see.

While some of us are facing some weather storms, it's actually nice here so I'll be going for another walk later. Yesterday I had a lower/upper body strength day. After about a month of simple yoga and pilates, I felt so energetic I had to do some other activity. So I'm sticking to 2 days a week of more intense, mostly strength training since I did say I was planning to take a break. At least this way I won't get so reconditioned:)

Anyways, happy Sunday to all!!!