Weekend GHOST check-in: February 9th

Hello lovely Blenders, Blendfriends, Blenderfamily, Fitness Buddies, Fellow-fitness-journey-travellers.... can you think of any more titles?

Well, Storm Ciara has been with us since last night, keeping me awake for part of it! I can have a snooze later on today, though, as our nature conservation task got cancelled! What’s the weather like in your part of the world? Boiling hot, blinking cold, blowing the cobwebs away, blissfully mild and sunny? I guess I would prefer that last one... so whoever is in that type of weather, I am just a teeny weeny bit jealous! Photo again doesn’t show any wisdom improving sights, just the waves and storm on the seafront! Top left: a lady holding on to a post to steady herself, top right and bottom left, some amazing waves (mind you, photo doesn’t do them justice) and bottom right, my husband leaning backwards into the wind. We got a “nice” facial scrub in the process. Well, battling against the storm and sand was part of my “active me” today, so that leads us to your “active you” and, of course.....

Workouts: what’s on your “fitness journey calendar” today? Hiit, cardio, strength, pilates, yoga, active rest, passive rest, anything is possible in our Blender world! I finally managed to do day 24 of Abs, after postponing it for 5 days! And as I fell in love with Florian’s little abs number I added that as extra credit! What with walking into the storm today for a bit of cardio and toning, that’s me for today. Rest and reading for the rest of the day. Oh and eating to replenish of course! So on to:

Food: how about your replenishment or sustenance today? Any good grub going? I was supposed to be cooking today, but hubby apparently fancied his own food more than mine....he is cooking again today! He mentioned pork just now. It had better be hearty and filling! I need that with the storm rattling our old sash windows! And we have invited some friends to join is for the food and a board game.... looking forward to that.

Well, another thing I am looking forward to is all your comings and goings on “our” fitness journey! And of course I am looking forward to Raven’s nice informative titbit tomorrow!

Oh and I forgot to tell you: I feel old... it’s my sister’s 65th birthday today, which means I will be 65 in two years time 😱😰🤔🤪🤣