FB Burn Round 1 before and after

Hi! I've never posted in the forums before even though I've been doing fitness blender workouts for almost 3 years now. But, the last year I've been struggling with my health. The first set of pictures is from January 8th and the second is from today. The biggest thing I have done is....change my eating. Sure, I workout, but I have always done that. Lately with no results and I was outgrowing my clothes. Since my hysterectomy last December I have struggled with my health..mentally and physically. The start of January I decided I was tired of feeling like a garbage person and see if I could change up my eating a bit to see if that would help. Guess what? It did. I have cut down on carbs, sugar and my beloved beer. It sucked at first. I was getting migraines from what I assume was the sugar withdrawal. Then they stopped. Now, I just feel better. My moods have improved drastically, I fall asleep without needing a sleep aid, my skin looks better and my under eye puffiness is gone. No fancy diets, pills or shakes...just cutting back. I do still have carbs and sugar just not nearly as much. Beer, after having it last weekend and then my face getting all puffy the next day, is pretty much out, it's not worth it to me. I still have wine though. Basically I have been doing what a lot of you have been for years. Fresh fruit and vegetables, chicken, fish and lots of water. That is it. I also decided to do FB Burn as my workout routine. It has taken me 32 years but I think I am finally figuring out a good relationship with food. Here's to 2018 to being the road to a healthier me. 💪