Pregnancy accountability group/things I'm proud of - 8th

Hey everyone,

I won't necessarily start this each day as it's probably a bit much, but today I wanted to share a few good choices.

1) Day 3 of Blend is HIIT&Abs. I'd have had to modify all the abs stuff and my body was really hurting from suddenly managing 4 days of exercise in a row - so I decided to do a BodyFit by Amy pre-natal abs workout as an alternative workout to the Blend one.

2) I started Blend because I wanted to try and work out more than 3 days a week, now that I'm feeling better. It's definitely worked! Not yet Sunday and I've done 4 workouts since Monday!!

3) I'm really content with how I'm listening to my body and deciding what's best for it....and not feeling any sense of guilt or 'cheat' for changing a scheduled workout. Being pregnant means really REALLY listening to the body and making sensible decisions. So, I'm happy ☺️

Anyone else made some good decisions today?