Weekend GHOST check-in: February 8th

Sitting here typing this check-in in my pjs.... it’s only 16.45 in the afternoon, but just had a bath after another, dare I say, glorious nature conservation day.

Well, what about you lovely people and your outfit: pjs like me cause it’s still early morning or late evening for you, or all polished and clean in your party gear to celebrate Saturday (YAY!) or could it be workout gear as you are just about to embark on an FB or other workout?

What is your day going to be like as to your fitness journey? Or should I say what has it been like (for those in more eastern timezones? Today was: working out with FB, or other “active activities” or resting? My workout for today was 11.000+ steps in knee high, very irregular underfoot, heathland, lopping, sawing and dragging pine! When I saw the word “steps”, I thought... more like “high knee march”! The photo shows nothing educational or enlightening, just the height of the heather I was making my way through for some hours today. Yep, FB Abs postponed again ( will I ever finish it?😰). But when I saw Florian’s ‘little abs number’ I was tempted and put it onto my calendar for today! Mind you, a total body stretch would be way more sensible! Anyway: what’s on your calendar today? Any nice surprises? The new FB workouts?

Now, no beautiful linking sentence to the next topic! I am way too hungry for that! Your food today? Complex dishes, easy dishes, dishes made by others? Mine is the last category, cause it’s hubby’s turn to cook! He said: do you mind if we have homemade pizza again? We have been having that rather a lot lately.... but my response: “homemade pizza is perfect, I can eat that any and every day!” Mind you, I am so hungry after all my work that I could eat three or four pizzas! Oh and a glass of wine, of course! Weekend = wine, logical, isn’t it? What’s your “food mood” today? Ravenous? Not too much today? Just a bit peckish?

That’s it for today, good people. Looking forward to reading about your day today.