Mental health


This is a personal matter but considering the support rendered by the community here, I'll table it here..

I understand that I've changed as a person since my father left in November 2018 and that my mental and physical health deteriorated. It is after a year of giving me support that my boyfriend of 3.5 years told me that I should seek psychiatric help. My constant melancholic state of mind is a communication gap in our relationship now. Fyi, he lives in another city and we meet every few months. I don't disagree with him. I thank him that he's stood with me and it's fair that he's reached his saturation point. Yes I'm still grieving even though it's more than a year now. My father was fine when I last saw him in the morning. It was his birthday.. in the evening when I reached home he had already left us. My mother never lived with us. It's just me and my grandfather now. My boyfriend is not accountable or obligated for my feelings always.. last year I suffered from narcolepsy and emotional eating but I've felt better ever since Fitness blender came into my life. I just want to heal myself. I don't know if a year is too long a time to grieve over my father. Should I consult a psychiatrist as suggested by some people? Should I join meditation classes?

Thanks for being there, fitness blender. :)