Working out less=better results?

So I'm doing a second round of FB Blend this month. My mindset had somewhat gone back to the me who felt lazy and always pushed off workouts, but because I wanted to stay up to date with the calendar, I've been pushing myself to work out. (Disclaimer, Im not unhealthily pushing myself. Because I do have time and energy- my mindset is just groggy as if working out feels like a chore)

But I've been easier on myself and decided to do none of the extra credit challenges. At least I'm moving, right?

Something odd happened though. I started losing more steady weight than when I was doing longer workouts the first round of Blend. On top of that, my body looks more toned. I'm not sure if it's just because my body is starting to change after 2.5 months of working out regularly, or if maybe it's because shorter workouts are putting less stress on my body, allowing it to heal better. I also have PCOS, which apparently I have to be careful to not overtrain or my hormones will become imbalanced and contribute to having a harder time losing weight. Since the workouts are typically less than an hour, even with the extra credit, I don't think I'm overtraining. But maybe my body just needs something lighter for now. The last time I noticed differences in my body was when I did fb Abs the first month of working out regularly, and those workouts were also typically 30mins (So about the time of Blend without extra credit).

All in all, I'm not sure why the changes, but I'll happily take them! And whatever the real reason, it feels like a good reminder to myself that I don't have to feel like I need to overdo myself to get the results I want. As FB says, "work smarter". :)

Thanks for listening to my ramble. I just found it fascinating how differently my body reacts. :) Cheers.