It May Be Time to Mix Things Up!

Do you ever find yourself in a rut when it comes to working out?

Maybe it’s something you enjoy, like running or lifting; maybe it’s something you feel you need to do, like cardio; or maybe it’s something you just always find yourself gravitating to, like Pilates or yoga.

Whatever the reason you may find yourself doing the same thing over and over, it’s important to remember that for best results, it’s ideal to switch up your training styles often. In fact, variety is what keeps your muscles guessing and your body maximally responsive to all of the effort that you put into your workouts.

You will literally get more out of your workouts if you challenge yourself, both mentally and physically, by getting out of your comfort zone.

For this reason, you’ll notice that so many of our individual workouts and full Workout Programs employ careful blends of a wide variety of training styles: cardio, strength training, stretching, Pilates, high intensity interval training (HIIT), low impact recovery cardio, plyometric training, circuit training, yoga, balance and agility training, etc.

So, Fitness Blender family, it may be time to mix things up a bit. And with 600 individual workouts and nearly 30 full Workout Programs, variety is ready whenever you are!

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