Daily Check-in: Furry Trainer Friday, February 7th

What's happening everyone? How is this Friday looking for you? It was a pretty seriously blustery day here yesterday and during the night. I spent the better part of my late afternoon and early evening wind proofing the place and getting ready for some sideways rain. It never got too bad though, so that's good. End result though is that I'm pretty tired, but also quite happy it's Friday, and I hope you are too where ever you are!

But I guess I need to talk about the puppy in the room. I have a little bit of some exciting news to share with you all; the pic speaks for itself, but as you can see, I have a new little furry trainer!! He was with me during my workout for the first time yesterday. But don't be fooled by the picture; that toy doesn't keep him distracted for very long. So he is already doing his job nicely by keeping me on my toes.

But if you have any pics of your furry trainers today, feel free to go right ahead and share your pets/workout buddies, so we can have a proper furry (or feathered, fishy, scaley, whatever) trainer Friday!

Also to make for a proper Friday around these parts, let's get to talking about them workouts. What will you be doing today that will put a smile on your face and have you feeling all the goods? Be it rest or something a little tougher? ..Its's day 5 for me and my Abs2 crew and it's kickboxing and upper body strength. I can't remember the last time I did kickboxing, so I'm very happy to see this on the schedule today and ready to do some punching; hopefully not hitting myself in the face during all the excitement to knock out some air!

Now I'm clearly just keeping these paragraphs all in their separate little rooms today, but regarding food, it's an easy one today; pizza for dinner! Breakfast and lunch are just yummy obstacles in my way. This week has felt so long and a pizza is most looked forward to and craved. Any food that you are looking forward to, FB Fam? Nothing better than something delicious on the tongue and nutritious for the body, and perfect for the soul.

Another thing that's perfect for the soul (I'm trying for some connectivity here) is variety, which is a great time to remind you that you get to have some Lea power for your weekend as Lea will be your wonderful weekend host for the February 8th and 9th check-in(s) ..And a side note for Anne: Haven't heard from you in a couple days, so I hope you are doing alright. No pressure to check-in, but I'm just thinking of you.

Now I guess we better get this day rolling and resuming. Maybe harness some puppy power to get through and finish your day strong! Or, you know, crawling to that finish line counts just as much. The point is that you are moving and trying. And as long as that happens, you are doing. Thanks again for reading and sharing. I very much hope you all have a lovely day and upcoming weekend! Now go on and catch the day before it runs off. Days are crazy like that.