Fit 2 Update Feb 6

Hi program buddies!

How are you doing? How is this beast of a program treating you?

Still enjoying it?

So, I finally got week 4 done (I thought I would never get through it with all the extra rest days I had to take...), and just began week 5 today. What a workout! Sweat was burning my eyes and dripping all over my mat during the pilates burnout. I had already done it twice before (thanks FB Plus workout tracking feature!), but I feel like it was a lot harder this time, or maybe I just forgot how the previous tries were 😂 But I definitely feel super accomplished now! 💪

What did you think of day 29 (if you've already done it)? Did you do the extra credit? I don't know how that would be humanely possible haha.

Where are you at in the program?

Anyone else doing Fit 2 (or 1) at the moment? Are you enjoying it?

Have a great day/evening! 😊