Apologizing to Kelli and Daniel

This is an apology post to Kelli, Daniel, and the whole fitnessblender team. The other day I was feeling frustrated and vented my feelings on the community forum about the new FBplus app and recent changes. I didn't think it through and I feel like my comments were insensitive and thoughtless. I'm probably overthinking this, but I received a comment back from Kelli and I feel like I caused her some unwarranted annoyance and stress that day. I want to sincerely apologize to her, and to the whole team. I know they work SO FREAKING HARD at what they provide for all of us and I deeply regret my lack of support. For what it's worth, even though this may never reach the FB team, I'll be more considerate in the future. You guys ROCK! I know that a FBPlus membership will be well worth it. In addition to the benefits they are providing, you can feel good knowing you are supporting an honest, trustworthy, ethical, and socially conscious business. They are so worthy of support.