Daily Check-in: Thursday, February 6th

Happy Friday Eve Everyone! Hope today finds you in good spirits. If not, here's a Western Tansy Mustard that will be sure to not have any impact on your day whatsoever. You might not wonder why western is in the title when Florida is clearly on the east side, from a US perspective. Well, who knows? It is native here, but eastern/western is entirely relative given where where you are standing. The mustard part of its name is because it is part of the mustard family with characteristics like the flower shape and spicy seeds. You can see the seed pods below the flower. The seeds are eaten in all kinds of different ways, but given this is a wild edible nibble, I say that with caution. Always identify the plant 100% before trying it. Not that you were going to run outdoors and look for this beauty.

But with the food around our house, meaning inside the fridge, freezer and pantry, and not literally outside and around the house, let's discuss the yummy parts of your day. I'll be having an evicting old food kind of dinner. And with things like wraps, avocado and chicken in there, leftovers sounds pretty good. Eviction notice has been served.. But you know that I want to know what you are nourishing yourselves with today. Spill the beans that may or may not get eaten!

We also have to talk about ghosts today. Who will be our guest host for the weekend check-ins? Anne, you are the last one for first time ghosting on the list, so I'm asking if you would like to ghost this weekend. It's really okay if you don't want to right now. It is always open for you, just say when. But if you can't do this weekend, then that means we are starting with re-ghosting since I'm out of first time ghosters. To go in the order that we started would mean Lea is up! Is that okay, Lea? Let me know!

Also, anyone interested in guest hosting the weekends, first timers or past ghosts, let me know! So far in addition to Lea, there's Magda and Korse who I know said they wanted to do it again. But I can't remember if anyone else wanted to ghost again. So, just throw your hat into the ring and I'll have it sorted.

I suppose we should now talk about the thing we mostly come here for; workouts! What will it be, Blenders? How are you moving? How are you resting, if you need it? To my Abs2 workout buddies, how is your core? Mine is nicely sore from yesterday's weighted core routine. Core is really difficult to get sore for me, so I'm pretty happy 'bout that! Day 4 of Abs2 has a nice lower body HIIT & Lower body strength workout. Perfect!(?) I might have to modify, but we'll get it done!

Now, you may or may not have noticed that there is yet another spider on yet another flower(s). We probably shouldn't work our eyes with similar images back to back, but these spiders seem to know where all the fun is at. And I'm pretty sure this spider is showing off its backside, so it's clearly letting me know what it thinks.

That as we navigate through the tangled webs of Thursday, we shall still have a butt kicking day, of course!

Yes that's definitely what the spider is trying to say.