Daily Check-in: Wednesday, February 5th

So here we are in the middle of the week. Doing middle of the week things like looking at your average Beggar Tick.

Don't like that name for our little flower friend?

How about Stickseed?


Spanish needle? Pitchfork weed? Bur-marigolds?

Why are all these names so prickly? It's a harmless white flower. ..Well, the common name is more or less describing the seed of this plant in how it looks. The seeds are not as prickly as it sounds, but has a tendency to stick to your clothes really well.

But if we could just go back to the flower. Shout out to this wildflower being one of the top most reliable sources of nectar in Florida. So this weed makes many a bee happy.

You know what else makes one happy? Food and workouts, workouts and food. That's right; One paragraph to talk about them all at once, because our Wednesday eyes don't have time to separate such things. Just don't combine the events of working out and food at the same time today. So save the eating for before and after the workouts. But do go on and give us the inners and outers of the exercise and eating real food that's happening! ..Today is day 3 of Abs2 for me. Some dedicated core work is on the schedule and if I'm feeling it, some recovery cardio for the EC. Sounds good to me. Upper is pretty sore from yesterday and my legs don't need anything too rough. Food will be sandwiches. But since I can't give food just one sentence, they might be turkey sandwiches. With lima beans for a side.

Now with visions of delicious food and awesome workouts in our head, we can safely do this day and breathe deep. Just not with food in our mouth. Somethings can not be multi-tasked. But many thanks for reading and making it through the fine ramblings of yours truly.

PS: The spider says hi.