FB Low impact week 2 - check in

At the beginning of last week I wrote a post asking for advice. As I was approaching week 2 of the low impact program, I felt it was too difficult for me. I listened to my body and did again week one (minus the first day of PFT). I am now 2 days away from completing week 2 (actually week 3 for me!). I must say, with a bit of shame, I never worked out regularly in my entire life (I am 26), let alone 3 weeks straight. As I am going deeper into this fitness journey, which I know is just the beginning, I already feel better with myself and more in tune with my body. I am happier, more confident and feel stronger. I am dealing with a high amount of stress due to university and family issues. Working out has helped me to keep myself grounded and more in focus. I feel like I deserve those 30 minutes every day to space out and take care of myself (I used to spend those 30 minutes scrolling through my phone).

I also want to thank you all. This community is very positive. I love how working out created this sort of net where you can chat, ask for help, get advice, make new friends! This is also a gym for my brain, as English is not my first language and I want to make an effort and get the highest Oxford English certification (C1, which basically states that you are comparable to a native speaker).

Have an AMAZING day!