Frustrated, yet proud...!

Hey lovely Blenders :)

I want to start off with why I am proud of myself - look at my January! Apart from those four days in the second week where I got really sick and couldn't even get out of bed, I really showed up for myself and worked out hard! I'm especially happy about that because the last months did not look so consistent - which brings me to why I'm frustrated.

Last summer, in June, I had big problems with an inflammation on my big toe, all with blisters and stuff. I had issues with it and could hardly use the toe for about 4 months - it just never healed. I've seen countless doctors and no one knew what it was. It seemed so minor (just a few blisters, what's the big deal), but it really kept me from walking, working out, swimming, even just wearing closed shoes was a no-no. In the end, I had a small operation on my toe and it finally seemed to heal. In September, I was able to wear socks again, and since October, I am wearing closed shoes - that was a big deal for me! Up until now, it seemed just fine - everything was healing well and I slowly and steadily worked my way back up to the workout plan you see for January.

But yesterday, the same stupid toe started to hurt again and blisters are showing - so I'm afraid it's coming back and I have to go through the same hassle again! I did a HIIT workout today, but I almost always had to opt for the low impact version because I could not do the jumping... And that really frustrates me!

So, thanks to whoever is still reading this :) I try to stay positive and do what I can in terms of workouts without putting too much strain on my toe - I want to show up for myself and stay active and healthy and strong! Luckily, no heavy jumping is required for most lifting sessions ;)

Thanks for reading through my frustration, blenders! I hope you're having a wonderful day whereever you are throughout the world! :)