“Yikes.... I am going to have to swim all that!”


This morning started off with a swim session in the pool. I decided last year: who needs a pool when they have the sea so close by? Well, the pool is certainly very good for swim drills and focussing on technique, but... coming back in the car ending up in a major traffic jam is exactly the reason I hate going to the pool. But for the coming weeks/months pool it is, as I am so much in need of swim drills and technique focus. Mind you: the mucking about in the sea won’t go by the board! I will still be doing that whenever I fancy!

This morning after I got home, it was a quick sandwich, and then on the bikes to “our” island (Brownsea Island, UK). We had an induction morning with lots of new information. As I was walking around, I couldn’t get this thought out of my head:

“Yikes.... I am going to have to swim all that!”

The island is 2.4 km long and 1.2 km wide and the swim around it is 6.5km.... The photo shows an aerial shot of the actual island (middle), the castle and its grounds where the swimmers congregate before the swim (bottom pic, taken from the boat) and the white (sort of) portcullis which will be the start and the finish of the swim. The top pic was taken from the pier, showing the finish area.... It is not till July, so why am I already thinking about it so much?!?!?! I guess, that shows how big a challenge it is for me.... but at least I still have lots of time to prepare!

BTW for those of you who are into scouts, brownies or girl guides, the actual scouting movement was started up by Lord Baden Powell on this island!!!! He needed an island where he wanted to engage boys from all kinds of backgrounds in physical activities! His friend Charles van Raalte, who owned the island at that time, 1907, told him: I know just the right place for that! Amazing to think that the scouting movement which is so extensive, with over 50 million scouts and 10 million girl guides in 216 countries started on this tiny island!