Daily Check-in: Tuesday, February 4th

Hi there and welcome back. We are here somewhere on a Tuesday and I'm sticking to the, "And just what exactly are we looking at" theme. Fortunately, I do know what this is. Pictured is an old and twisted Horsemint plant. It's pretty much on the dry and crispy side of life, but it can still show off its little bit of color. Like I like to say, old still has a place and purpose. It's just a different kind of different, if you will.

But let us use, "different" to bridge us to workouts and talk about how you will be working out that beautiful and capable body of yours differently today. Always good to shake things up! My body definitely felt like I shook my jars contents with yesterday's HIIT & abs plus extra credit LB strength training from Abs2. Holy moly, it hurt and challenged me so good! I really don't think I would've picked that line up for myself yesterday, but after my workout, I felt really good! And now, really sore. First workout with HIIT in about 3 weeks for me. I have lost some endurance and mostly had to do the extra credit with no weights. Hah, it's a good thing day 2 has some smart upper body work. I was really thinking about switching today's workout for the new upper body from FB+, but decided to just go with the program. I haven't done that particular workout in a while so it should be fun! Or, fun? (Good luck today my workout buddies)

..I was so long winded there, but do tell me how you are challenging yourself today. The sweat and all the rest!

Typing this up and thinking what to say burns calories, and I most certainly will need to replace those calories with some real food. However you burn calories today, they all need replacing! ..So I'm going for a #TacoTuesday and introducing my mouth to some chili lime chicken tacos. With avocado, onion, tomatoes and queso fresco for toppings. Yes, getting ahead of myself, but dinner needs to be here like right now. Ah, but do tell what flavors your tongue will meet and greet today!

Okay, so, and alright; I've pretty much made this a taco lot Tuesday, but today is as good as any day to have a really great day, the weathers of life permitting. But whether it is accomplishing day or not, remember that days can be like workouts. Sometimes you have to modify to get through.