Feeling extra sore after every workout!

I just started back up on my fitness journey after taking about a 2 year break. So I'm starting from square one. I just finished day 8 of the Low Impact 1 program and it has killed my legs. I could barely do a small bend just to spit out my toothpaste last night (workout was day before yesterday). The test left me useless for like a week! As it is, it's Monday, I did the leg day Sat afternoon and I still feel like I can barely walk/go up stairs/etc. I feel like it's taking me way longer to recover than it used to. Will this get better? Do you gals/guys work through it? Do you take supplements to help, if so which?

It's more than a little demotivating...especially since my leg day didn't include more than 12lb per hand and I quickly went down to about 6lbs per hand!