FB Burn completed yesterday!!


Woohoo I completed my first FB program and I can say I am so happy to have gotten rid if my 1-2 hour workouts a day 5 days a week! The workouts worked for me but it is just too overwhelming to maintain the long workouts for a lifetime since my goal is to workout for as long as my body will allow it to.

I still have a lot more weight/size to lose and needed something that didn't make me dread a long workout session ahead. I am so glad I got the YouTube notification of FB's FB Burn 2. I immediately purchased both Burn programs and started either that day or the very next day (can't remember atm) 😁

I feel so much better, I know I shrunk a bit as my jeans fit better and I am definitely stronger. I have no clue if I lost weight but I don't weigh myself and am only going by size.

I think I will do FB Burn 2 after my 2 days off but am also considering doing one of the 5 day challenges first. I am also looking at the other programs.