Daily Check-in: Monday, February 3rd

Hello there everyone! How are you feeling today? Was the weekend good to you? If you watched the Super Bowl last night, I hope you had a great time rooting for your team! And/or enjoying the football food, halftime show and commercials. ..If anything, this past weekend was pretty cool regarding the check-ins. We got a little view into Coby's world so thanks for another wonderfully successful and great ghosting, Coby!

But now it's Monday. Possible boos to that, but maybe we can make it better with a workout. Maybe you are trying the new FB Plus workout, doing your own thing, following a thing, or a resting thing. So many things, but just do the thing that feels best to you!

I am starting Abs2 today with Juliska and Kimberlee. Yay for workout buddies and workouts planned for the next four weeks! There is some HIIT & ab work and extra credit lower body strength set up for today, and I'm pretty excited for it. But good luck in whatever you are tackling, including rest! Somtimes it's difficult to rest, so that needs good luck too!

I'm not trying to ignore the picture, really, but there seems like no good way to introduce some type of green looking things growing on a dead log. Gotta admit, that's a tough one to twist into some motivation for Monday. It's just here doing its thing and so are you.

Eh, better just go to go into all things food. Food makes everything better and gives us energy to handle the day and tasks at hand. That being said, the specifics of my food is not quite there. 🙈 ..Let's hope you all have more details than me in the mouth watering department.

Hm, I guess we have to get our heads in the game now and score for a good week. On a totally unrelated note; According to Punxsutawney Phil (Totally had to look up the spelling on that), we are in for Spring to come early. I don't know what that means for our Southern Hem friends, but since this weather prediction is entirely based on if a rodent sees its shadow, anything goes.

Just like you on this Monday. Anything can go, but I hope today finds you on the right side! If not, go left and see what happens.