Weekend Check-in: Sunday, February 2nd!

Happy Sunday, Blenders! To my fellow American Blenders, happy Groundhog Day AND Super Bowl Sunday. I’m not that into either one, frankly. I just go to Super Bowl parties for the food. But if you love football, then I hope you’re rooting for the winner!

Before we get into workouts and food, let’s talk about that creepy crawly in the picture. That, my friends, is a scorpion. There are about 25 species of scorpions in the American Southwest, but only one you really need to worry about: the Bark Scorpion. He’s the one that has the potential to be deadly to humans. All scorpions are venomous, but the Bark Scorpion is the one to look out for. The ones in the picture are ones that my husband and sons caught (and released) last summer. My guys like to go out in the desert behind our house at night with black lights and catch them. Why? I HAVE NO EARTHLY IDEA! But the cool thing about scorpions is that the glow under a black light!

Okay, enough about venomous, glowing creepy crawly things. What about workouts? Are you sweating? Resting? I’m resting today. I realized last week that I just needed a few days off. So I’m taking them!

And what about food? If you’re going to a Super Bowl party there’s bound to be nachos, fried things, dips, beer and the like. If that’s you, ENJOY it and don’t stress over it! Like I’m learning to tell myself, one meal of that kind of food won’t derail your fitness goals! Just get back to eating how you normally do the very next meal! I’m going to a Super Bowl party tonight where there will be a nacho bar. I’m bringing a veggie tray. And I’m going to enjoy every bite!

All right Blenders, time for me to go. It’s been a pleasure being your ghost this weekend! Now, go tackle this day and let your inner scorpion glow! Okay, that didn’t work. But you know what I mean. SHINE!