FB30-Round 3-8 weeks, a short story.

Hi, it feels weird being such an old member and writing here for the first time. But I needed to share this.

After working out with Fitness Blender for years, since 2011, I finally purchased a program in November 2018. Of course I went for the 8 weeks version not the 4 weeks, ambitions! ^^ Still it was a good choice, I can handle it, I've been working out for so long. Little did I know, life was smirking at me in the corner. So I start the program the last days of November 2018, make it all the way through December, and suddenly have to move out of town to take care of a baby niece whose mother is having a major, life-threatening surgery! Scary times, but everyone is fine now. I managed to keep working out for a few days only. Cut to the end of January 2019 when I finally came home and fell ill all the way through February. Poor program had so many gaps and reschedules I finally dropped it. It took a while to get back to working out, and I slowly did, through individual workouts and the ever-so-welcoming-back 5 Day Challenge workouts. đź’— It wasn't until I felt I can commit for 8 weeks with no out-of-town interruptions that I restarted the program around June I think. The first few weeks run smoothly, then, my mother, who was visiting for the summer, gets a major health scare! And we spend a few weeks in and between hospitals (she's better now, thankfully). I then move back with her for 2 months, during which I managed to squeeze in a few workouts but the program was long on hold. I lost weight during those 2 months and dropped to the smallest size I've ever been, not healthily I'm afraid, as I suffered with appitite, quite uncharacteristic for the foodie I am. I then come home in September and as a reaction to the crazy year have a month long rest day^^ with big plans in my head to restart the program right this time. And just when it was the right time and before I begin, life dropped it's biggest one of this year, of this lifetime on my head.. I got pregnant. Unplanned, unexpected, and quite honestly unwanted.

I started working out anyway, individual, daily picked workouts. And without waiting to feel better I decided to start the program in December just after coming back from my doctor visit. I just knew I had to stick to working out even if it is the only thing I can do all day long, which was the case so many more days than not. 2 days ago, on January 31st, I clicked the workout complete on the last day of FB30 - Round 3 -8 weeks. I worked out all 8 consecutive weeks with no gaps, always felt better after exercising and had my worst pains on rest days! Doing the second PFT a year later and while 5 months pregnant seemed pointless, yet I did it anyway, and was shocked to do the same on the flexibility reach & static blank, and better on all the others! Even full push-ups which I never do in workouts, always do half! These results were surprising because they do not reflect how I feel on a daily basis, I'm tired and in pain all the time, not to mention the mental state. I just wanted to share this crazy journey with this program because Fitness Blender has always been my constant, between 2 continents, around 4/5 cities, struggles, depression, surgeries, travels, failures, celebrations, tears, highs and lows and on many different devices! A lot has happened and changed since 2011 and Fitness Blender has always been my only constant.

Now it's time to plan for the next program, I was thinking a strength training program for my 6th month of pregnancy then the new low impact for the third trimester. Or low impact right away, will see.

Thank you for taking the time to read my journey!