Got some good news today

Well yeah, not that kind a big event but for me now it's a really positive thing.

During 2018/2019 I kept being thrown back from working out because of several issues with tendons and muscles. One of them was a problem with neck shoulder and left arm. Couldn't raise the arm, hold my head straight on my neck , couldn't sleep. Had shockwave and physical therapy 6mths, still didn't work.

Then August 2019 went to my osteopath, where I met a young osteopath who was going to work on the problem. After couple of treatments I could use the arm again, started working out carefully with FB low impact, then strong, then abs.

I'm painfree for the most now. I can ride my bike again without pain too!

And today the osteopath said she could feel a difference in the bicep and shoulder muscle, it had grown a bit and the chest muscle wasn't so tense anymore😀.

Still can't do a push-up, not even from my knees, but hey, couldn't do them before either haha. But to me this proves that with the slow and steady practice my body will be okay again!

Sorry, this is all about me and not that of a big health issue, but I'm very glad about it. Means I'll be enjoying spring on my bike again after skipping two summers🚴🚴 can't wait!