Fit 2 Update Jan 30

Hi program buddies!

How are you doing? Did you do/are you doing some muscle burning strength training/heart racing cardio today? Or some peaceful resting maybe?

It was day 23 today but I did not do any of the planned workouts, and instead completed Daniel's new upper body workout. It seemed very similar to the one that was planned so I thought "this is my chance to try it!" I really liked it. I think I could have lifted a bit more for some of these exercises, considering you're doing less repetitions on each side overall, but my self-chosen EC finished burning off the muscles that weren't quite spent yet:

It's really fun and it has a few very nice variations of common exercises. Have you tried this one before?

How are you doing?

Are there any other Blenders out there doing Fit 2 at the moment? Or Fit 1 maybe?

I hope you have a great day/evening!