Daily Check-in: Thursday, January 30th

Well, would you look at this. We are in the midst of a Friday Eve everybody! That means we are that much closer to the weekend! So hopefully things are feeling pretty good. If not, I've brought the blue skies to help out for today. And with our blue skies, Sabal palmetto leaves! The sun was lighting them up in such a neat way. Plus, giving you a picture of just blue skies would feel empty. So the tentacles of leaves are there to bring contrast!

Speaking of contrast (oh how I love me a good segue!) we need to talk about who will be ghosting (guest hosting) this weekend! Coby, if you want, you are up to take a swing! Just let me know, and we can start looking forward to Coby talk!

Also, think you could or want to host a check-in(s) on the weekend? If interested, step right up and take a shot at your check-in skills. I say skills, but really anyone can do it in however way they want to do it.

Which leads us right down the workout tunnel and doing some movement in however we want to do it. Be it a walk, pilates, sweating, running or whatever! The activity and ways to move are endless and possibly fun, so tell me what is your activity of choice today? Also keep in mind the rest if you need that for today. ..For me, I think some antagonistic upper body work without weights will do nicely: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/no-equipment-upper-body-workout-with-warm-up-and-cool-down

You know another thing that doesn't require weights? Eating food! That statement makes no sense, but I suppose if what we stab with our fork is heavy enough, eating can be an extra credit challenge. Or practice to work against yourself as you lift that utencil to the lips with proper form...Eh, maybe not. Working against myself at meal times would mean taking longer for that food to get into my mouth, so maybe we will save the proper form and antagonistic moves for the mat! Ah, but what tasty things are happening for you today? I'm not exactly sure for myself. I had soup for dinner yesterday, so it might be tuna fish sandwiches for dinner tonight. But you guys know how much the plans change.

Well, FB Fam, let's breathe in all that today has to offer, and exhale during the hardest parts...Or is it the other way around? You'd think I'd have it down by now, but really the important thing is to just keep those lungs open in all your ventures today. Just breathe. And that can be enough.