Daily Check-in: Wednesday, January 29th

What is happening today in your little corner of the world, FB Fam? How are things humming along at this half-time part of the week? I hope it's good, but life can also get on the spiky side of things. Case in point with today's picture. This Bull Thistle is not something you'd like to step on or touch. Because when do we ever like to step on these kind of things?? ..The spikes on the leaves are not exactly rigid, but a spike that bends can still poke pretty good. Trust me on that one. Right now we are looking at the broad and low growing base of the plant, but they will shoot up a stalk and a nice spiky looking flower to match.

Okay, let's put down the spiky things and get right to the rest! And the workouts if that is your game today. Just tell me how you are moving today. I think today would be a fine day for some low key core work: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/stretch-and-tone-for-core-stability-and-back-health

I'm really looking forward to doing this! ..I know I've done this workout once before, and I think I used to find these kind of videos so boring. Like why do this when I could be sweating? ..I've learned workouts are not always about the sweat. There are all kinds of ways to get in great workouts. And I now see videos like this as a fundamental part of training. It is easy for me to not focus on this kind of stuff, but it is nice to slow down and work my body differently. And truly enjoy this type of training. So I hope whatever you are doing today feels amazing to you. The slow and fast workouts; it's all important.

Hah, I got so wordy there. Nothing like coming back from a sickness to gain a perspective. Or loose some muscle mass. Let's just open our fridges and cabinets and wait for the creative juices to flow. That's right, I'm asking the age old question of what is for dinner. I think I'm going to have tuna fish sandwiches and some peas. That sounds pretty good and simple for today, but c'mon and give me your food factor. Reading what everyone is eating is always so delicious.

On that unrelated note, we are at the part where wishing you a great Wednesday is in order. But the thing is that YOU put the great in Wednesday, so today is lucky to have you in it. Just avoid the pokey and spiky things and the day should be good as gold and right as rain. Can't go wrong with gold and rain. Unless you don't like either other of those things, in which case, the day will go as however you want!