Memory Lane

There is no way I can leave my workplace without giving them a memory, right? Of course, I humiliated myself complitely. 🙄

Since I almost overslept this morning, I was in a bit of hurry. Naturally, I just grabbed my clothes, jumped on bike and went to work through thick fog and lots of clouds promising rain.

Well, I got there dry and considered myself lucky. Should've known better. 🙄

As I stumbled like a buffalo I am into my Unit, all eyes were on me. I followed the looks and guess what?! On my ankle there were - my panties! 😳 And like that wasn't enough - from the pocket of my jacket there was my bra! 😳 Havning no bra I can deal with, but I left my T-shirt at home! So, I stood there only in my jeans and jacket - basically I was naked and on top of that, we have mixed gender wardrobe! Enough said! I'm glad I have boobs, so lots of them avoid eye contact anyway. 🙄😅

But the weather outside reminded me of something... Do you know what kind of shorts do clouds wear? Thunderwear! 🤣