Going from low carb to more carbs is mentally hard...

I have been following a low carb diet for almost 6 months now. I know that the advice from FB is following a 60/20/20 (carbs/protein/fat) while some days I are no carbs and others I would maybe eat 15-20% of my daily intake as carbs.

The 2 positive side effects were that I did successfully lose weight (I don't know how much as I haven't weighed myself in years but I am almost 4 pant sizes down) and I have gotten my period 3 months in a row so far (when I always skip 2 to 4 months between periods).

I have yo-yo'd in weight for the last 18 years and other times I lost a large about of weight eating carbs at most meals my period stayed irregular, even at one point in my mid-20s when I lost 70lbs down to my ideal weight and was working out regularly.

Tomorrow is my last day of FB Burn and the last 2 weeks I increased my carb intake a bit to around 20-25%. I am planning on slowly increasing my carb intake but I am both worried about how it will effect me in terms of weight loss and also praying my period doesn't go back to bring irregular.