Daily Check-in: Thursday, January 23rd

What is going on my BlenderFam? How is the day greeting you so far? Hopefully it is being kind to you on this Friday Eve.

For your obligatory picture for today, we have the fruits of a red maple tree. Also known as, Samaras, these 2 winged fruits, along with flowers, appear in clusters all over the Red Maple trees around January and February. It is one of my absolute favorite things to look at this time of year with its deep red color and in how unique it looks with a bunch of fluttering wings covering the tree. The picture doesn't show the red as much as I'd like it to, but it was either get that pic now or risk falling into the water. Obviously I chose being dry, but I also like how the pic ended up.

Okay, still keeping that dry status, let's metaphorically dive into our workouts! How goes all the sweating and resting? ..Hah, when I first wrote sweating, I typed out, "swearing." ..They go hand in hand, right? So how goes the swearing and resting? The light and heavy movements. You might feel like you dipped into some water given whatever amount of sweat you might have going on. So let's hear about it all! The workouts, not your possible swearing. We can all imagine how that sounds ;)

Let's also hear about the chewy and crunchy bits of your day. Maybe something warm or cold, inviting and refreshing. Lots of different ways to get our nutrition in, so what are you eating to achieve that today? I'm thinking pork sandwiches and a veggie on the side. Sounds simple and good to me!

Okay now before I don't forget, Friday Eve is also the day we talk about ghosts! Not in the spooky sense, but the guest hosting kind! This weekend's guest host for the check-ins is


Korse! ..Let me know if you are good for the 25th and 26th Saturday and Sunday check-in, Korse, and it is as good as done! And also if anyone else would like to give guest hosting the weekends a try, let me know!

Okay, it's a new day (or half a day, end of day, depending on your time zone.) So let's make the most out of whatever level's left of the day and have a good one! Short and sweet. Oh yes, I think I kept this check-in nice and tight.