Trying to get back on track

Hi all,

Well I have had a tough few weeks resulting in living the total opposite of a healthy lifestyle. By which I mean the kind that makes me feel positive and involves looking after body, mind and soul without any extremes.

So I haven't worked out (or even moved much) since well before Xmas and frankly it was sporadic before that. No idea why but this week I started feeling a little better although I have been struggling with severe insomnia. Anyway, I have managed some light workouts this week and today tackled this;


Honestly it was a struggle! I had to modify and it was a solid level 4 for me. But I did something! and I am so happy I did. I like that it is simple (but tough) movements with reps not time, I paused Daniel and tackled it at my own pace.

I plan to start FB Low impact next week to give me some structure.

Sorry for the long ramble I think I just wanted to put something out there.

Have a good day/ evening all!