Fitness Blender Free 5 Day Workout For Busy People Day 2&3

I completed my workout for today. I am in the middle of doing a 5 day workout for busy people and I am on day 3 and I did day 2 yesterday. I am sorry that I couldn't get online yesterday, because I had got into trouble and I said that I was sorry and then I couldn't do my online stuff that night.My body has been really sore after each workout. I am really busy at school I took a test today and I am going to be taking another test tomorrow and, it is based off of the book that I am reading for my English class. I have had a lot of work to do at school that I am so busy every day in each classroom just trying to get all of the work done on time and turned in to the teacher. But other than that I still get to hang out with my friends and take a break from doing all the work that I have for every single class. What matter the most is that I am getting all of my work done and turned in on time in class.