FB Strong Day 23 #workoutcomplete + thoughts

Hi FB fam! Finished Kelli's upper body descending reps workout last night. I had low motivation going in but once I was there, I heavied up! I'd like to share a bit about progress on FB Strong with you. Below I've listed the moves in the workout and the weights I used over the course of the descending reps. The lowest weight was something I knew I would be comfortable with, the middle something that challenged me just a little bit, and the highest something that really challenged me so that I was $^%#&^ by the end LOL. While I feel like I have made some progress in the amount I am able to lift, I am not really sore today in my upper body even though it was tough to get those heavy weights up there for 6 reps last night!

These are weight amounts per hand except for pullovers which I only used one weight.

Bicep Curl (10, 15, 20)

Bentover Tricep Extension (5, 7, 10)

Reverse Fly (2,3,5)

Chest Press (15, 20, 25)

Overhead Press (8, 10, 13)

Pullover (20, 25, 30)

Lateral Raise (3, 5, 7)

Ventral Raise (3, 5, 7)

I've realized that I need to focus on building up the small, supportive muscles in my body. For example, I can chest press 60 lbs total but don't think I have enough shoulder or wrist support to hold the weights up for very long. I am in the home stretch and so pleased with how this program was structured and so proud of myself for sticking with it!!!!

Hope you all have a great day!