Fit Round 2 Update 😊💪🏼 January 22nd!

Hello, FB friends!

How has you been?

How is fit round 2 going?

I know we haven't been very communicative lately but I just wanted to come and say that for me it is going great!

I am resting today after my second week of the program 💪🏼 I am liking and enjoying it a lot!

Today, it is my couple's birthday, we are going to eat lunch together and, at night, we are going to his favorite restaurant for dinner with my family too. Also, today is the last day with my aunt and cousins here too, they are going back to Australia tomorrow morning 😔. So, my couple and I are going to be sleeping at my aunt's for their last night here.

Hope you are having a great time with fit round 2! It is a killer but a lot of fun for sure!

Happy day!