HKS Accountability Group Jan. 22

Good morning!

Day 5/5! I can honestly say I don't know that I have ever done the full week before, so I am feeling AH-MA-ZING this morning!!! Tomorrow is the optional 6th and I know how I love a good recovery workout, so I am sure I won't miss that one lol.

Today's workout to cap off the week was:

I can't do a proper jump squat in the apartment, so I decided to change that part of the routine by doing squat pulses instead. If you can't jump either, I highly recommend trying the pulses, my legs burned by the time Kelli finished her 5 jumps!

My NSV is that, when I started with FB a year ago, I could barely bodyweight a curtsy lunge without wobbling all over. Today, I was up to 6lbs a hand with my curtsies. I'm feeling proud and accomplished all around this morning.

Off to work, have a great day, everyone!