Daily Check-in: Wednesday, January 22nd

Heylo! How is it the halfway mark of the week greeting you guys? The good and not so good, share what's up and down. We are here for it all. The left and the right as well. Eh, I'll stop with the directions and let this Henbit take it from here and color up your Wildflower Wednesday with its purple prettiness. Henbit is one of those winter weeds that wait for warmer weather before blooming. The flowers are proof that it has been consistently warmer than usual here the past few weeks. Until today. I'm sure Henbit got its rude awakening with temperatures in the 20s here overnight. That's way too cold for my Florida bones! ..But basically anything that thought it was Spring; that started poking its head out and asking if it was safe, just got an answer via winter blindside.

So how is the weather where you are? It's been some time since we did a weather check, so let's get some temperatures from around the world!

And hopefully you are working around those temperatures and getting in those workouts. Or maybe rest is your game today? Either way, stay in the goldilocks zone and don't get too hot or cold! Keep everything just right.

I'm going for more resting. I know I sound like a broken record at this point, but I'm not ready. The plan right now is to take it easy and walk when I can. Don't want to unnecessarily push myself. Gotta do that body listening thing and rest, rest rest! And try not to get stir crazy about it, lol. I shall live vicariously through your workouts.

Okay, ready or not, let's get to the food. The good, the yummy, and the healthy. Give us a taste of what's going on in the ever wonderful foodiverse. I had a mushroom soup last night, so maybe tonight will be chili. Sounds good to me! I hope you guys have things to eat that will have you feeling just plain good!

Al to the right, I'm going to smack the gavel down and get this day in session! Whatever you have going on, do it like the champion you are! Now, go find something to conquer. Or not. Not everything is a conquest all the time. Some days are just bridges to the next. Either way, be safe. Be awesome. Be all you.