Daily Check-in: Tuesday, January 21st

Hello! How goes our post Monday? For the AmeriBlenders that had a holiday yesterday, today might be your Monday. Either way, Let's look at a familiar sight to distract and sober us up. Back by no popular demand whatsoever is more Eastern Redcedar. I've mentioned before that, in addition to not being a true cedar, it has two different kinds of leaves. The spikey short and scaley flat. We've seen one and the other, and even side by side. But what you haven't seen is the different leaves together/merged on one twig!

This might need more exclamation points.

And so my cheap two for Tuesday is another way of looking at the leaves of an Eastern Redcedar. Yes, facinating, I know. Like we have not see this before! But this picture was a deleted scene from the last time I talked about this tree, so because I haven't walked much, that is the reason you are getting a repeat. But more like a remake. And who doesn't like remakes, except when they do them wrong? Then that calls for a reboot.

Yes, I'm a tad bit feeling better. More back to my rambling self and running (not literally, just literary) with these sentences. Might even go for a short walk today. That sounds delicious.

Yummy walks aside, what workouts are on your radar for today? Maybe we've got some rest or other light activity in the works. Or you know, there's something brutal waiting to kick your butt, or you kick its butt. Somebody's butt is going to get kicked in the best way. Good luck!

But we don't need luck with food, right? Unless you are trying out a new dish. Then you might need a little.. But new or old, what #eatrealfood are you excited about? It's pretty cold around these parts, so I think we will be having chili or soup. Either one sounds invitingly warm to me! But as usual, let's hear it for those #ChewCompletes!

Okay. I think we are set up for a regular original recipe kinda Tuesday. You guys know what to do: Try and have the best day you can, and if it's not the best day, tomorrow holds a sweet promise for a better day.