Fitness Blender Free 5 Day Workout For Busy People Day 1

I completed the workout for today. It was Day 1 of the Free 5 Day workout for busy people and it was hard to keep up with Kellie and Daniel. But I love working out with Kellie and Daniel even when it is both of the working out together, because if one of them messes up then everyone is laughing at them. I got all of my chores done this morning and this afternoon and, the reason why I had to finish doing them this afternoon was because I went to the Orthodontist to have a new wire put on and new colors put on too. I think that I am going to hopefully be getting my braces off before my senior year at school so that way. I will no longer have to deal with them, and I will be able to tell my friends about it and show them that I no longer have them. I just hope that I will be able to just make it through the rest of my junior year and after that, I will hopefully no longer have braces anymore and that will be the end of them.