Getting back on the wagon!(Getting sick sucks)

Ugh guys the past week has been ROUGH. I had to take an entire week off from working out because I came down with a nasty virus that never seemed to quit. No amount of vitamin c, water, tea, or rest seemed to help, it was relentless and I did not get a break. At one point I completely lost my voice for three days. I don't get full-blown sick often so when I do, I am in misery. I'm happy to be finally feeling a bit better after all that mess. but I'm still very much getting over it. I was barely able to eat or sleep well last week, so my body is finally recovering and regaining strength.

I decided to get back into working out, and start week 3 of Abs today. I'm still a little congested, but my energy levels are good and I'm hoping I will be able to power through and hopefully end up feeling better than I did before I started. Although I am a bit nervous but excited to get back in my routine. Today is a cardio kickboxing routine with yoga, so I think it'll be a nice way to ease back in.

How do you bounce back after you get sick?