Fb Blend Day 22 Check In

Todays check in question asked how the program's going for us so far.

Today specifically, was a little difficult. It was hiit and lower body strength and so many of the exercises that usually are very easy for me were extremely and unusually difficult and I kept asking myself, what did I do wrong? But I also tried to keep remembering what is often mentioned in these videos that everyday is different and every day our body reacts differently. So I'm trying to be more understanding of the process and of my body.

It's also the last week of FB Blend, which I'm excited about thinking I'm so close to getting another #programcomplete. A little part of me though feels like maybe I didn't put enough effort into the workouts so far because I havent lost weight really at all. I know a lot of my fat is getting replaced by muscle because I'm losing some of my squish, but I guess I was expecting to lose more fat than how much I have. But I guess I should just trust my body and the process. And it's not like I'm NOT getting results. It's just slow, and I have to remind myself that that's fine and I should be more patient. My efforts are not futile. Like the friday motivational quote from last week said, "I showed up. I am doing this."

Lastly, a funny thing is that I keep hearing people jokingly say everyone's fitness resolutions probably stopped by now, but here I am, still working out! Ha HA! Jokes on them ;)

Also- an extra image today for some paw-sitivity :)