Weight loss advice


Hi All, I've been working out with fb for over a year now. I am about 40lbs overweight (accordinng to Dr.'s charts) and been working all this time to lose weight, gain muscle, get healthy, etc. Over this past year I have also been eating clean, whole foods, avoiding sugar, eating all the "right" foods. I lost about 15 lbs in the beginning of last year and then have gone up and down over the last 8 months ultimately with no real results. My measurements weren't changing either...That has changed a little in the month of January. Right now I am going through FB30 for the third time. The first two times I wasn't consistent and I didn't push myself to lift heavy or even complete every workout. I figure my lack of loss was related to pushing myself so this time around I am lifting heavy and have done all the workouts up to now. I feel really proud of myself and I have seen loss in terms of inches. My weight however has not moved. I am trying hard not to use the scale to be my judge, but my concern is with so much weight to loose shouldn't I see the scale move some? I wonder if I should be doing something different? OR if maybe I just need to change my thinking?

I'm not sure this makes sense, and Its pretty long, thanks for taking the time to share any thoughts. I feel better than ever and am so thankful for fb. I really can't complain and plan on sticking with what I'm doing even if the scale never moves, but it is discouraging to think that it might not...