Although I didn't lose any weight my flexibility is off the roof (I can do the wheel for extended periods of time and better with other hard stretches before) and I appear more toned (my big butt is so round now and I love it. Always wanted a lifted butt). But I guess it's because I am not very active except doing the workouts and I baked a lot (I destress with baking and it automatically makes me happy when I am feeling sad but unfortunately I can't help but try out all the goodies I make). But in the last week though I became more strict and started eating healthier and curtailing my baking and try to substitute my destressing with some other activity. I just got the FB Burn 2 and will start it on Monday and I am looking forward to it. But in all, I liked the accountability the programme provided me. When I used FB on my on, I usually did 3-4 days and rarely 5 days and never on my menstrual week. But this was perfect because even during my menstrual week I worked out (forced myself to) and it was great. I changed my workout times to morning in the last week and found out it was actually better than during the day or at night. Plus early morning workouts improved my mood and gave me a different kind of energy and my daughter will still be asleep. So thank you, Kelli and Daniel, for your affordable programmes.