Starting FB Low Impact

Hello! So I was supposed to start low impact last week... I know this is just another excuse, but it was my last week at home with my toddler and while it was exhausting, I also wanted to enjoy it without dealing with new workout routine. Hopefully (ish) this is my last break with him as I hope I find a job before I graduate. I focused on cleaning up my diet last week and already feel better.

So, today I begin day 2 of low impact. Since none if my classes or teaching starts until after 11 am, I'm going to wake up with my husband to help get my son ready for daycare, immediately get dressed in my workout clothes, eat, let that settle for like 40 mins and then workout.

I know we are supposed to allow ourselves grace, but I know me, and I think I need to stick to this schedule firmly for the first 2 weeks. After that it should come more natural and I will be able to give myself grace when I need it.

So.... happy Tuesday and here's to just starting the dang thing (better late than never!)